Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Integrated Transport Authorities

I'm currently away at Lib Dem conference and I have been meaning to blog each day, but have had difficulty with my phone. So this is my first post!

At the moment, I'm sitting in a session on Integrated Transport Authorities. Hearing about Merseyside and what's been achieved, I am increasingly convinced that this is excellent opportunity for Bristol and the hinterland.

There is cross-party support within Bristol, which is great. However, there is less enthusiasm in the authorities surrounding Bristol, across all political shades. We need to find ways of persuading our neighbours of the advantages and what integrated transport could mean for them.

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Neil Harrison said...

Pressed 'send' too quickly! I meant to also say that the Lib Dems are working nationally to ensure the Integrated Transport Authority remain in democratic control. The current government plans are in real danger of creating yet another level of unelected and unaccountable quangos.