Sunday, 19 October 2008

Littering bugging me on Whiteladies

I have been trying for some time now to find a way of cutting down the amount of litter on Whiteladies Road. The main culprits are actually flyers for the city's 'massage parlours', although the local bars and clubs also make a contribution.

I did manage to get this curbed for about six months, but it has crept back up to being a problem again. The fundamental problem is that the Council believes it only has limited powers to stop this sort of behaviour and the Police cannot do anything unless they catch someone in the act of littering. From the perspective of the commercial organisations that do this, there is an inbuilt arms race, with everyone trying to produce more flyers. A walk from Blackboy Hill to Cotham Hill can routinely yield 50 or more flyers on the pavements. Some of these are quite explicit.

I will be making a statement to the Quality of Life Scrutiny Commission on Monday to ask that the Council ups its game and finds a long-term solution. Whiteladies Road isn't the only area where this is an issue. My feeling is that there are avenues that the Council and/or Police haven't yet explored (e.g. anti-social behaviour rules) and I want them to do so.

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