Friday, 23 October 2009

Residents' parking - next stage

The next stage of the plans for the pilot residents' parking scheme are now available on the Council's website. In brief, the Kingsdown pilot zone is largely as previously consulted on, with minor changes to the eastern and southern boundaries to make it more coherent. The vast majority of the main zone is therefore actually in Cabot Ward, with it ending at Cotham Road (which is where Cotham Ward starts).

However, as a result of the last consultation, there is a possible extension northwards too to cover an area south of Aberdeen Road and Trelawney Road - the link above will take you to full map. This is shown with a metaphorical dotted line as it is not part of the main plan, but residents in this area will be given the chance to opt into the main zone if they want. From the consultations to date, we know that people in this area are mixed in their views, so it seemed best to give them an option like this without jeopardising things for those in the main area who are overwhelmingly keen.

The main map shows exactly what would go on every inch of the roadside. Clearly this isn't set in stone and there is plenty of scope yet for comments and suggestions. Developing the plans to this level helps to make the whole idea real, so that people have a very clear idea about what they have to consider. This stage is a consultation on this aspect largely - there will be another stage of formal consultation on the final proposal, probably early in the new year.

My position on residents' parking remains as previously: I am broadly in favour in principle, but local people need to choose for themselves whether it would work for them. Now we've shot Labour's bizarre one-size-fits-all 24/7 approach, my view is that this is much more likely.


Al Shaw said...

Hi Neil,

Thanks for the update.

Could you please explain on the blog how the propsed extension to the RPZ would fit in with the proposed changes to parking arrangements in the area around Colston's Primary School?

Many thanks.

Neil Harrison said...

Al - short answer is 'don't know'. We are still working through the detail of the Colston's work following representations from the community and you will see that parts of Cotham Park North are blank on the RPZ plans. The two people working on the two projects are in touch, so things are being co-ordinated.