Friday, 12 February 2010

Residents Parking - consultation result

The results of the residents' parking consultation were released yesterday. The short summary from the Cotham perspective is that the area north of Cotham Road voted against joining the Kingsdown scheme (54% to 40%), but there continues to be majority support in the Kingsdown areas south of Cotham Road, albeit very close (46.1% to 45.5%!). This includes a tiny sliver of Cotham Ward, so I continue to have an interest.

From my perspective, this means that the area north of Cotham Road definitely won't be in the initial pilot, although I am taking steps to ensure that they have the option to opt-in later if they wish. This area will benefit, however, from work to help to ameliorate any knock-on problems, which might include extra yellow lines on corners and extra attention from wardens to avoid dangerous parking.

The next steps concerning the Kingsdown zone are being considered at the moment and I will post them up when I know more.


Alison said...

Hi Neil
not exactly an overwhelming majority at 0.6%, and you don't mention the 8.4% that are undecided.
As a resident of Cotham, not Kingsdown, i am not happy to be included in this unfair scheme, and will be parking my car in the road next to where i live, which has voted against this scheme( as i did).

The Bristol Blogger said...


do you know why the Kingsdown decision has been delegated to officers?

Is this likely to change?

Neil Harrison said...

Alison - fairness is in the eye of the beholder! My view all along has been that residents should decide whether the idea works for them or not.

Blogger - I don't believe that it has. My understanding is that it'll be coming forward as a Cabinet paper, as promised at the call-in whenever it was.